good take on Frank Buckley BUT you were TOO SOFT on him. Mr. Buckley is, in fact, well beyond “Old Liberal” in that he openly advocates for a return to Parliamentary Government (see The once and future King) in order to overcome gridlock. Many of us have taken him to task for that in various forums. He is, however, possessed of a fine sense of humor. Perhaps, he could deploy that in defense of The Trumpster.

Another NRO “fusionist” is Peter Spiliakos. I have had numerous *dialogues with Pete on this topic. You may be interested to note that while espousing “post-modern” *conservatism, Pete has ACTUALLY used the term “fusionism” to describe what is needed for conservatism (such as he defines it) to succeed. His policy prescriptions fall clearly on the “old liberal” side of the ledger. For one, who fashions himself a Peter Lawler type defender of *place* and association, he nonetheless is quite gleeful at the prospect of continued high levels of immigration. When asked, “how such a program of immigration will affect *place*, i.e. both local and national place and culture, he waxes lyrical about all the “economic” benefits while ignoring the cultural problems consequent to unfettered immigration.

I, for one, have given up on NRO and left them with the remark that “Bill Buckley must be rolling (and roiling) in his grave to see the pitiful state of his once great magazine.”

Anyway, keep ’em coming. You are a voice that ought to be heard on a wider basis.

take care