Another fine essay and spot-on!

One wonders what Bryce would think of the current state of the “unwritten” constitution of the UK. After all, Parliament has seen fit to legislate on all manner of issues and to “bind the people in all cases whatsoever.” Gee, isn’t that why we went to war against the British. Their unwritten Constitution has effectively allowed the Parliament (and the EU component of bureaucrats) to effectively bind in all cases whatsoever.

As for the Americans, we too now have an *unwritten* constitution. Indeed, one may call our Constitution “divine” in that most of what passes for Judicial determinations is the simple product of a majority of Black Robed ideologues *divining” some new right for either the government, its administrative agencies
or some poor oppressed segment of the population.

If one wishes to foresee the future of our Constitution (such as it is) you need only go to any Big Law School, observe what the little buggers are being taught and then project that out some 30 – 40 years and -Presto!!!! – all those newly divined rights discussed in Law School shall soon be integral components of our (written or unwritten, you choose) Constitution.

BTW: Parliament has now been entrenched in the Federal Administrative State in that the FAS does appear to wish (and be able) to “bind in all cases whatsoever.”

Nice gig, if you can get it.