“At this point, I’m the parent of a fairly young child so I’ll leave commenting on Plato’s accuracy here to those of you who have done it better and longer than I have.”

Hey, not to worry. It seems some modern bright lights have actually read The Laws and, doubtless, will be more than willing to provide much needed (to their minds) assistance in the raising of a young child. It does “take a village” as Madam Hillary is wont to observe. We even have the female guardians reprising the role in the form of elementary and secondary school teachers.
Remember they are “just here to help” the ineffective or ignorant parent!

Of course, the most salient difference between the guardians of old and the modern version is that the former sought to encourage children as a mark of virtue whereas the latter views the aborting of children as a mark of virtue and strength.

Perhaps, the modern guardians reading of Plato is somewhat incomplete?