“Meat Cleaver” – Hmm! – seems like the California supreme court is rather partial to that “surgical” instrument, having decided that there are too many felons enjoying the benefits of state housing, cafeterias, etc – so Voila! say the Black robed Masters of the California SC – “let them Be released – in droves.”

Yep, something a bit more precise is required – but which governor wants to take the heat for early release.

Of course, one could do what the Bureaucrats in the State of Washington have done:

When it became known that the software used for determining how much “good behavior” time is to be taken off a felons sentence WAS INCORRECT and leading to somewhat early releases, the Washington State Dept. of Corrections staff / managers simply put the “fix” on the back burner for approximately 5 years and “Voila” – out came the felons.

What a system!!!!
There are a number of ways to skin the proverbial cat!!!