Really re: footnote #35!!!

Perhaps, the author would consider updating this tome with some of the outrages perpetrated by the “immigrants” to Merkel’s Germany?

I do not abide these idiotic and duplicitous eugenicists; in fact, I abhor them; but if the authors intent here is to minimize the real and grave concerns of the citizenry on the matter of current immigration policy, practices and ethnic religious groups who appear to be the predominant beneficiaries of current policy then I suggest that find some means other than a resort to a long dead and discredited conception of the “white man’s burden.”

Incidentally, as a descendant of those “southern Europeans” who were so thoroughly discriminated against, I have no problem with a severe restriction or ban on immigration from certain areas of the world. While I have argued that we ought not to bring in to our society those people who have no conception of our democratic ways, are (or have) historically been members of tribal societies with no experience in representative democracy AND I recognize that this position is akin to the position (minus the eugenics) of the anti-immigrant movements of the late 19th and early 20th century, I believe that there is a substantive difference between the various eras and the proposed new immigrants.
While it is true that much of the hostility to “southern European” immigration was in fact simply an expression of anti-Catholicism AND the present animus may also be attributed, in part, to anti-Muslim animus, it is important to recognize that substantial difference exists between the doctrine of Catholicism and Islam. Catholicism DOES NOT insist upon subjugation of infidels, Islam does and incorporates this as a central teaching; nor does Catholicism wax lyrical about killing non-believers or apostates, Islam does; and Catholicism clearly does not preach from its pulpits the benefits of global jihad, Islam does.

So long as we do not employ the utterly discredited, a-historical and completely mindless and unscientific precepts of eugenics, I, for one, can live with severe restrictions upon Middle eastern immigration.