” a prototype of the neoconservative who would bring civilization and the rule of law to “barbarous peoples” by means of force in the name of the triumph of the World Spirit.”

Really? Then I suppose that you would have to consider Woody Wilson as a neo-conservative for this assertion to withstand even minimal scrutiny. I can mention others; indeed you allude to them yourself, i.e., Samantha Powers and her “R2P” – Responsibility to Protect. I suspect that she would be surprised to be grouped with those nasty “neo-cons.” goodness gracious! there would be no end to the possibilities for mischief were we to go about “R2P’ing.”

It is too bad that you seem to have let your *narrative* (against the Bush administration (not to mention your accolyte like support of the Obama “smart diplomacy)) interfere with an otherwise fine exegesis of intervention / counter-intervention, etc.

Professor: In all things, be fair and reasoned. You are too intelligent to do otherwise and it detracts from your scholarship.
Yep, it is me from LLB.

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