This is as wrong-headed an article as I have read at this site.
“Without freedom, acts of fidelity are not one whit more pleasing to God than marches on May Day in Stalin’s Moscow.” This is categorically untrue. Unless the author is using the word, “freedom” in an esoteric, nuanced way, such that it is disingenuous for him to employ it; he is just plain wrong.
According to Cardinal George’s faith, Man HAS free will. This is a fact which no Earthly power can change. The fact that one does not have freedom in the material, non-coercive sense does not change the value of fidelity one way or another. As Justice Thomas recently analogously, governments cannot bestow or take away dignity.

The notion that the Church thrived in America, is ridiculous, smacking of the ideas of the unfortunate Fr. John Courtenay Murray.
The “so-called Christian monarchies” were integrally oriented to God, while the so-called “great American republic” was oriented toward man. The fact that a ghetto flourishes under an alien dictatorship should not be a call to laud that dictatorship. The Church is a communion, not an expression of one’s belief in personal salvation. This mess of pottage is all that America has offered—its fruits are becoming clear to see—and we must fight against it, to overthrow it, in the hearts of our descendants if nowhere else.

Ironically does the author note that Roman Christians operated in this world. Yes, they did, and they worked to proselytize, convert, and renew that world, coming to a fruition in the Emperor Constantine. Or does the author not call himself Catholic?