“..until eventually the people no longer are ruled by laws of any kind but only by judges and those who sell them particular ideological nostrums.”

What??? that hasn’t happened yet?

It is interesting to note the role of the *academy* in fostering this heightened sense of law as social justice. In a sense the academy has always played a corrupting role in the law. Phillip Hamburger, in his great book on Administrative Law, makes a similar argument and demonstrates how the “learned law” always sided with the state (monarch) when it came to aggrandizing the role of the monarch and the state. How different is it now. The academy exalts both the State and the Judiciary above reason and common sense. All the better, I suppose, to convince the people that they are simply insufficiently educated / knowledgeable to be able to decipher for themselves what is proper OR are simply too mean and *bitter* to readily provide social justice for their poor suffering fellow citizens.

And one should not forget the role of the modern day equivalent of the medieval guild in further promoting this strategy – the ABA and their local counterparts joined in many instances by the legal commentariat.
One no longer wonders why major law firms have rather substantial marketing departments and lobbying groups.