Liberty, Prudence, Imperfection, and Law

  • Are Trump supporters necessarily "white trash"?  Photo by Marc Nozell, CC BY 2.0.

    “In Defense of ‘White Trash,’” By Bruce Frohnen

    Among the many ugly epithets being thrown at the millions of Americans who support the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, “white trash” may not be the most hate-filled…

  • We are anxious to turn unhappiness into a monster we can defeat.

    The Gay Science: I.48–II.58

    I.48–II.58 We’ve seen several times now Nietzsche’s idea that pleasure and pain always travel together. This is a difficult idea in the modern world, where we are…

  • Alexander the Great at the Battle of Gaugamela. Photo by Luis García, CC BY-SA 3.0.

    The Gay Science: I.30–I.47

    I.30–I.47 In the last post, Nietzsche began to discuss the sort of person who is dissatisfied with the world established and run by convention and who is quietly searching for…

  • Dallas police shooting memorial, July 12, 2016.

    “Our Crisis of Legitimacy,” By Bruce Frohnen

    Many of us who are shocked, saddened, and angered by the rash of riots and assassinations aimed at police officers in recent weeks have been quick to blame the rhetoric of…

  • The "humble" monk

    The Gay Science: I.21–I.29

    I.21–I.29 If we really examine virtues closely, Nietzsche thinks that what we find is that they are very destructive to the individual who possesses them, even as they are…

  • Frontispiece of the King James Bible, 1611

    Leviathan: III.XXXIII

    III.XXXIII If the Bible is to be our guide in understanding the nature of the Kingdom of God, then we need to be certain what it is that makes up the Bible. There has never been…


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