Liberty, Prudence, Imperfection, and Law

  • "The Flood," by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Vatican City.

    The Laws: 676a–681d

    676a–681d From education and alcohol, we—perhaps appropriately—move on to politics. Where does government come from and what should it look like? The best method, according…

  • Bertrand Russell in 1916

    “The Future in 1916: Bertrand Russell’s Social Reconstruction,” By Dennis L. Durst

    Introductory Biographical Sketch This essay offers a conclusion to our series titled “The Future in 1916” by giving attention to the prominent British philosopher Bertrand…

  • "Ted Cruz at Kuhner Town Hall in New Hampshire, February 3, 2016." By Michael Vadon - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.

    “The Primaries Are a Mess, Thank Goodness,” By Bruce Frohnen

    Rob Waters, a friend and colleague at Ohio Northern University, is a frequent guest analyst for an Ohio political radio program. Recently he was asked why the United States does…

  • Gallery: CC BY 4.0.

    The Laws: 667b–674c

    667b–674c Whenever we’re thinking about the proper production and usage of art, the Athenian wants us to remember that “pleasure” and “correctness”…

  • "Clio, Euterpe, and Thalia," by Estache Le Sueur, Louvre Museum, Paris.

    The Laws: 660e–667a

    660e–667a Whether we’re talking about Plato’s philosophy or Christian doctrine, it is often the burden of the believer to convince the skeptic that worldly pleasure…

  • Frontispiece of the King James Bible, 1611

    Leviathan: III.XXXIII

    III.XXXIII If the Bible is to be our guide in understanding the nature of the Kingdom of God, then we need to be certain what it is that makes up the Bible. There has never been…

    "Drinking Party with a Lute Player," by Nicolas Tournier, Musee de Berry, Bourges.

    The Laws: 645d–650b

    645d–650b                                                       The Athenian Stranger has hinted that the symposium, if properly run, has a legitimate place in the education of the young. Cleinias is intrigued and…

    Symposium scene by the Nicias painter. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

    The Laws: 637a–645c

    637a–645c To quote Homer, alcohol is the “solution to all of life’s problems.” Contrary to this sage, however, Megillus lauds the Spartan law forbidding alcohol as…


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